COVID-19: Community volunteering

April 02, 2020 - 966 views

Hi, it's Simon here. On Thursday's show I spoke with Emma Pugh from CVSC about the fantastic contribution that volunteers are making to help communities deal with the Coronavirus. Why not listen to our chat?

Amazingly so many people have signed up locally to help at hospitals, to do shopping, deliver medical supplies and buddy with vulnerable people stuck at home during these difficult times.

You might be thinking about giving some of your time too. Emma talks about how her organisation CVSC in the Bay can help you to do this.

There's also news about the Immediate Response grants which are available to help organisations with funding during these days or help make the work that is being done in response to Covid-19 even more effective.

Here are some of the contact numbers which we spoke about with Emma.

Volunteering enquiries to email Or call 01492 523842/ 523848 /523846

Emergency funds being distributed from CVSC – email Or phone the team on 01492 523843 / 523845 /523846.

Single Point of Contact – 01492 575544 – this phone line is for people if someone is in need or self-isolating during these difficult and uncertain time, this is being used to signpost for shopping services, collecting prescriptions, picking up the phone for a chat and other needs.

Thanks for listening and good luck helping with volunteering. Everyone coming together at this time is helping to make a massive difference to our communities.

Simon x