Monday Beat Craig from Salvage Hunters 9pm

December 30, 2019 - 467 views

This week it's our very big pleasure to welcome someone into Bayside which we've been looking forward for a very long time.

Not only is Craig Hughes, a fantastically talented upholsterer based in Colwyn Bay but he's also part of a television success story that has fans around the world.

As part of Quest TV's Salvage Hunter's The Restorers, he works alongside Drew Pritchard and the rest of the team to beautify and bring back to life some remarkable pieces of furniture and historical pieces.

But there's much more to Craig than meets the eye. He has worked alongside many musicians in his very rich career. Phillydog finds out much more about Craig's choice of music, Salvage Hunters and much, much more.

Take a listen and enjoy Monday Beat here on Bayside Radio, Colwyn Bay. 

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