Health watchdog asks people to talk about mental health services

November 22, 2020

The independent health services watchdog for North Wales – the North Wales Community Health Council (NWCHC) - is keen to hear from people who have experiences of Mental Health Services in North Wales.

The NWCHC will be hosting a series of events on Zoom inviting NHS staff, patients, their carers and their families to talk about Mental Health Services.

The first events will be taking place on 10th December and will focus on Community Mental Health Services.

Further events will focus on other aspects of the Mental Health Services including Older Persons Mental Health Care, Substance Misuse Services, Learning Disabilities, Adults with Functional Mental Health Problems / Adult Psychiatric Services and CAMHS & the Transition to Adult Services

Mr Geoff Ryall-Harvey, Chief Officer for NWCHC said “This is an opportunity for people to have a say in the future of mental health care in North Wales. It is vital that we present the experiences and suggestions of all those who use mental health services to those who make decisions and policies”

Mr Ryall-Harvey continued: “We want to hear from as many as possible about experiences of Mental Health Services across North Wales.

"The events will be structured around a number of aspects such as compliments, concerns and complaints, care planning, care provision and communication. We understand that in some instances, people might wish to share experiences in a more confidential way and we will ensure that there is an opportunity for such discussions to take place privately”.

Should you wish to attend any of the events or for further information please contact the North Wales Community Health Council on tel: 01248 679284 or e-mail

You can also register your attendance via our SurveyMe app by using the following link