Super sweet support for Welsh Mountain Zoo

November 02, 2020

The Welsh Mountain Zoo – National Zoo of Wales, is enjoying a bundle of extra special support from luxury chocolatiers, Baravelli’s.

Based in Conwy, multi-award winning Baravelli’s are considered to be one of the UK’s finest creators of chocolate treats, supplying their range to high end luxury London stores and gaining international recognition and media attention.

The husband and wife team, Emma and Mark Baravelli, recently visited the Zoo and have since adopted a baby Cotton-Top Tamarin, whom they have named Coco.

The dynamic duo have created a wonderful programme of support based around the species, whose natural habitat lies in the rainforests of Colombia, and is also the place from which Baravelli’s sources the majority of their cocoa.

Baravelli’s have offered to donate all carrier bag charge proceeds to finance adopting the second twin. They will also create a promotional compostable sticker for certain products to highlight the project to customers, and will produce a chocolate monkey shaped lolly to sell in the shop with all profits to go to the Zoo.

Profits from the Colombian milk chocolate bars will be donated as will £1 from every bottle sold of their Great Taste Cocoa Gin. A chocolate sculpture is currently being crafted depicting the cacao tree and the Tamarins to display at Baravelli’s.

Emma of Baravelli’s explained: “Mark was born in Colwyn Bay and grew up loving the Zoo. We were inspired to visit again and help support when we read about the plight of the Zoo during the Covid outbreak.

“The Zoo brings vital tourism to the whole of the North Wales coast and we wanted to do something positive in these very difficult times. The hospitality and tourism sector has been hit hard and whilst we’re only a micro business, we wanted to do something to help.

"We think that a project such as this which links the endangered animal with its habitat, and the people and crops which are grown there, will help elevate much needed awareness at this time.

“We were instantly drawn to the Cotton-Top Tamarin and after carrying out a little research discovered the connection between the species and the cocoa growing region. We found the group hierarchy fascinating – the way they are organised and the fact that they are altruistic is inspiring.

"They are highly intelligent, very cute and weigh about the same as four of our chocolate bars! The Cotton Top Tamarin is critically endangered and we believe Zoo’s can play a vital conservation role in helping such animals to survive.

Kim Wood, Director of Living Collections of the Welsh Mountain Zoo added: “This is such a lovely and incredibly well received show of support at a very difficult and worrying time. Baravelli’s have given a great deal of thought and consideration into the various ways in which they could help the Zoo, drawing on some really interesting synergies to highlight critical issues.

“We’d like to thank Mark and Emma for this incredibly kind gesture which reinforces the wonderful community spirit that this area undoubtedly owns.”