Call for Welsh Government to help struggling farmers

June 29, 2022 - 123 views

A local politican has come out to support farmers in Wales who are struggling to maintain their operations and turn a profit.

Attending the Llanrwst show on Saturday, Janet Finch-Saunders, Member of the Welsh Parliament for Aberconwy, took the opportunity to meet with FUW to discuss the rising operational costs of farms in Wales.

Some of the biggest increases have been felt in energy, fuel and fodder. Since the start of the food security crisis, Mrs. Finch-Saunders has been consistent in applying pressure to the Welsh Government on confirming different support packages.  

Speaking in the Senedd, she said: “Farmers are struggling to make ends meet due to factors out of their control. The war in Ukraine has put an even greater strain on resources and an even greater emphasis on the need for us to resolve many of the food security concerns we have here at home.  

“Our farmers are vitally important if we are to see the cost of living crisis and war in Europe through to the end. The Welsh Government must keep in constant review, the different funding packages available and release new ones where necessary.” 

In Scotland, the SBA (Scottish Beef Association) Chair called for greater government funding and at present, most countries in Europe have managed to secure some sort of help from their government. The Irish, French, Germans and Spanish are currently all receiving relief funds. 

Commenting further, Mrs. Finch-Saunders said:  “Farmers have made clear to me that they are already struggling to make ends meet, and will face a crisis this winter if the situation does not drastically improve.

“The Welsh Government must stand ready to provide a financial safety net so to ensure that our farmers can afford to continue producing food, because ultimately, any further decline in the goods available to the domestic market will result in further price increases for consumers.”