Carers' rights are being tracked - have your say!

November 11, 2019

Carers from right across North Wales are being asked to take part in an important study looking at whether or not local authorities are fully excercising their obligations to make everyone aware of the services and support they are entitled to.

As part of a special Track The Act survey which begins today, carers are being asked to reveal what their experiences are so Carers' Wales know what is happening in reality. Each experience is unique which helps build up a picture of what is going on with carers’ rights across Wales.

The survey aims to see whether there are regional differences and what needs to be done better. Each council in Wales has a legal duty to provide carers with information, advice and assistance services so that everyone has the support needed to continue to care.

Track The Act was set up shortly after the implementation of the Social Services and Well Being Act (Wales) in 2014. It was set up to monitor and gather information on how the changes  to the law has affected carers in reality.  As part of this process freedom of information requests were made to all 22 councils for further information.

To take part in the next phase of the survey or for more information please visit Carers' Wales online.