Have your say on how the council will spend your money

January 07, 2020

With the provisonal settlement for spending in Conwy in 2020-21 announced by leader Cllr Sam Rowlands a number of weeks back, Conwy Council would like to hear feedback from residents and groups effected by their budget planning.

They are asking, for example, whether you feel if the Council’s well-being priorities are still appropriate.

This is to ensure that spending reflects the community’s needs; adapts to new Welsh Government policy developments; and to takes into account what is available so that it can set and maintain a fair budget.

This is important because a lot of the national policy changes aren’t fully funded, for example the increase in cost of the National Living Wage, and National pay award for teachers and non teaching staff.

There are also additional demand pressures for social care (both children and the elderly) and homeless services, alongside general inflation, which also increases the financial pressures.

We'd like you to get involved and share your views by answering the following questions:

Are the council's priorities still the right things they should be focusing on to improve Conwy County? If not, what else would you suggest? Please send your feedback through the council's own survey via this link.

Council priorities in the Corporate Plan 2017-22 or Summary Plan 2017-2022

So how the council spends your money?

How Conwy Council received funding between 2019 and 2020

Where the money comes from and how they spend it