Housing warmth and wellbeing in Wales survey to begin

January 25, 2022 - 266 views

Bangor University and Public Health Wales are shortly carrying out a national telephone survey on housing warmth and health and well-being in Wales.

Currently, there is little information available on the indoor temperatures being achieved by households in Wales, how people heat their homes and stay warm in winter, and the impact on people’s comfort, health and well-being.

This information is important to help researchers understand what minimum temperatures should be recommended in Wales to keep people comfortable and safe in their homes.

Between January and March 2022, households in Wales will be contacted by M.E.L Research, and residents aged 18 years or older will be invited to take part via the telephone or online.

The survey is completely voluntary. You are free to stop the survey at any time, and you do not have to give a reason. A decision to do this will not affect your rights, any current or future health treatment, or any services you receive.

All answers will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. As the questionnaires are anonymous and researchers will not be able to identify your personal answers after completion, it will not be possible to withdraw from the study once the questionnaire has been submitted.

You will also be asked if you would like to take part in a follow-up. People who choose to take part in future studies will have their contact details held securely, and separately to their answers to this questionnaire.

This study has been reviewed by the Bangor University Healthcare and Medical Sciences Academic Ethics Committee. A research Ethics Committee is a group of independent people who review research to protect the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of participants and researchers.

The study has also been reviewed by the Public Health Wales Research and Development Office.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Public Health Wales at phw.warmth@wales.nhs.uk.