Motorist warning as storms are forecast on Tuesday

July 27, 2021

North Wales Police and emergency services are warning motorists to be on their guard as heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected along the North Wales coast today (Tuesday).

Following the Met Office forecast indicating bouts of bad weather at various points from 9am today (Tuesday 27 July) through until 6am on Wednesday along with the sheer volume of holiday traffic on North Wales roads, motorists are being asked to slow down and make sure tyres are inflated correctly. 

"Please take extra care if you are travelling by road as road surfaces may be flooded and following the recent dry spell the roads may become greasy and slippery following rainfall. This increases the risk of skidding and makes a vehicle’s braking distance longer.

"Slow down and keep further back from the vehicle in front of you."

A yellow weather warning is in place for most parts of the region warning of flash floods, lightning and unpredictable weather throughout the day.