Talk to Sally and put a little sparkle in the day

November 07, 2019

An innovative new project aimed at cutting stress and promoting wellbeing in men has been set up by a local woman.

In response to feedback from friends, family and members of the community, Sally Jones from Glan Conwy has set up a special online video chat service as a means to communicating with people who may be going through a stressful time or experiencing loneliness.

The service called 'Talk Sally' allows men of all ages the freedom to talk in confidence in a non-sexual way to one of their highly experienced and trained team members in a safe and non-judgemental way.

Accessed from anywhere you have access to good internet speeds and on any device with an enabled camera and microphone such as your smartphone or a laptop, the idea is to encourage men to open up and their get feelings out in the open and start talking.

This service doesn't pretend to be offering counselling but instead offers a way to help get stresses and strains under control in a very casual 'pay-as-you go' type of way.

Sally explained, "This is definately a service that is long overdue and delivered in a very friendly and modern way within our busy lives".

"The team are incredible, each member brings so much experience and skill to the service, it’s amazing you can access this level of support for as little as £20 and at the click of a button".

"We don’t even mind helping you get together a perfect recipe for a special dinner! But we’re also there to support through more difficult times".

To find out more about the new service visit