Win £25 in vouchers! Send us questions for Police

February 09, 2021 - 510 views

From this March, Bayside listeners are getting ready to ask questions to the many organisations that work with our community in the Bay of Colwyn.

The very first epsiode of 'Speak your Mind' will be focusing on North Wales Police and their West Conwy Coastal team who patrol our towns and villages.

If you have questions that you'd like officers to answer, but you've never had the chance to ask, please send us your questions by sending them to us at or dropping them anonomously into the comments box below.

We'll put them to some of the local officers who are taking part in the programme.

We have £25 in shopping vouchers for some lucky questioner who will be chosen at random by sending us their question via email*.

There's nothing off limits so whether you've got questions about anti-social behaviour, lockdowns or anything else that affects life in the Colwyn Bay area get your questions into us!

You'll be able to hear the show within Good Morning Colwyn Bay on 87.7 FM, DAB Digital Radio or on the website as a special podcast. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

To get the ball rolling and to help you think about some of the questions that you'd like answering, please take a listen to my interview with Inspector Claire Shiland about the work of the West Conwy Coastal Team and some of the policing issues that are being experienced in the locality.

Hope you enjoy listening and sending us your questions.


* Standard Bayside competition rules, terms and conditions apply.


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, 1 week ago
It's Rob in the Dingle. My daughter wants to know how to go about joining the Police. She has been told that if you live in this area that you can't train and join locally - you have to go away to Cheshire or Merseyside. Is that right? What qualifications do you need and is there work experience or other things that she can be doing which would help her gain a step up in being noticed? Thanks!
, 2 weeks ago
How do I go about dealing with our reporting nuisance neighbours who are play theirr loud music late at night? I have tried to reason with them and I do not want to make trouble as I think that they will cause problem for me. I live in a quiet part of Colwyn Bay and I am at my wits end. Please help.
, 2 weeks ago
Last summer after the lock down the prom was bad for broken bottles and teens drinking and my child cut her foot badly (I shared with the radio). I dread May-Augest as the kids congregate and there are cars full of teens meeting up. What can the police do to stop the bottles and the drinking? It doesn't end and people;e on the beach are suffering in the summer. Susan, Old Colwyn
, 2 weeks ago
What r u doing about dog mess and people who are just leaving black bags in hedges or dropping them on the floor? If I know of somebody who is doing this how do i go about reporting. Its a big problem around Bryn Cadno community centre