Welsh Conservatives question the new COVID-19 rules

May 30, 2020

The Welsh Conservatives have expressed "surprise" in the new guidance issued to the people of Wales over the relaxation of COVID-19 rules.

Darren Milar, who is MS for Clwyd West reiterated the guidance and questioned whether it was thought to be fair that households can meet from Monday typically only in a 5 mile radius when cyclists were able to have more flexibility.

He also expressed surprise at restrictions on other forms of "safe" sports.

Mr. Millar stating the guidance said:  “There are certain forms of exercise which, though you start locally, may temporarily take you further afield. For example, a strong cyclist may get their exercise through bike rides of 40 miles or more.

"Exercise as a form of “active” travel in this way (a long cycle ride, run or walk) is now allowed, as long as the exercise starts and finishes from home.”

Commenting on the detail of the new regulations, Mr. Millar who is also the Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Covid Recovery, said: “Permitting a 40-mile mile bike ride is a good step forward, but doing so while not freeing up other safe outdoor activities looks incredibly bizarre.

"You can now cycle huge distances here, yet Wales appears to be the only country in Western Europe where you are not permitted to play tennis, a sport involving two people which, by its nature, involves people keeping more than two metres apart.

“There seems to be absolutely no science behind some of the choices being made by Welsh Minister's which begs the question why some hobbies and activities are being favoured over others.

“Making the policy change for cyclists alone is also hurtful. You can now cycle for 40 miles, yet you can’t visit family and friends if they live more than five miles away.

“The Welsh Government needs to scrap the cruel five-mile rule and start thinking about the needs of everyone and not just the chosen few.”